Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Gun

Everything moved in slow motion. The bullets ricocheted off of the pavement before they came wizzing past me in all directions. The white kid with the handgun was too far away for his bullets to find their targets. He was walking quickly in our direction but I wasn’t scared. We all just stood there at first, kind of stunned I guess. I knew that ten round clip would run out before he grew close enough to be within range. He was already up to 6 or 7 shots I think. I lost count when a wild ricocheted bullet tore through the fleshy part of my leg. The impact shook me, not because it hurt right away just because the world started spinning again, must faster now than normal. I stumbled and fell to my hands. None of us were thinking clearly now, we were running on instinct already, as fast as we could run from this crazy wannabe gangster. I crawled on my hands for a second and then came up running with everybody else. I was moving pretty fast at first and then the pain in my leg almost dropped me again I limped as fast as I could down the nearest alleyway. Time slowed down again and returned to normal. When I felt that I had put a safe distance between the gunman, and myself I slumped down in the alley behind a dumpster and began to evaluate my wound. Everyone else kept running without me. They had to leave, because the cops were surely on their way, and they were carrying the stash. I was bleeding a lot. I don’t remember how it felt, but when I saw the blood squirting through the hole in my jeans I felt really dizzy. As I leaned back against the black trash bags I remember thinking. How could this happen? I didn’t know anybody was packing heat. I mean, this isn’t the ghetto of Baltimore. Denver has always been just a small taste of the bigger cities. The clientele here is rich business types, not homeless junkies. Who needs a gun? Denver is just an island of big city life, in the middle of the Midwest. Still, there has always been plenty of addicts around for everybody to make enough cash without fighting each other. How could this happen? As I tried to evaluate what had happened in the last few minutes everything went blurry. I felt cold. I knew what was coming next. I was about to lose consciousness and their was nothing i could do about it. How could this happen? I never thought paying for college would be like this. Time stopped once again, that’s all I remember before I woke up here in bed, doctors, nurses and beeping sounds of the ER ringing in my head.

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LisaN said...

Okay, first of all, natural curiosity has gotten a hold of me...Is this a true story? One that you experienced?
Second, I think that your blogs definitely have merit! I can tell that it is issues or experiences that are close to you. ROCK ON!
Lastly, I won’t totally critique your writing (too much), other than to say a good start would be to write it in Microsoft Word or Works for spelling and grammar errors. Also, check your quotations. You have one sentence starting with a “ but closing with a ‘. I would send you more detailed info if you like it, but I have to have your e-mail address first.
Keep it up with the creativity and feeling though! That really shines through and I think that is what is important.
Have a good one! BTW, it was great seeing you back in ScoBlo! Take care!